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Sexual Assault in LGBTQ Communities eLearning available to everyone in NSW and takes 3 hours


RACGP CPD Activity 6 Points

Available FREE to the first 4,000 NSW Professionals

ACON Pride Training’s Sexual Assault in LGBTQ Communities eLearning is a quick and easy way to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence when working with LGBTQ people. This eLearning was co-designed with health and wellbeing service providers and LGBTQ community members affected by sexual assault. It will cover a range of areas to broaden your understanding of LGBTQ people and communities so that you can not only a better ally but also more inclusive in your work, services, and programs. These modules allow for access anytime and you can start and stop as necessary. Video testimonials deliver personal stories and experiences directly from members of the community, helping to build your empathy and understanding as you compare them to your own lived experiences with gender, sexuality and bias.

Funding for this project came from NSW Government. 

 Proudly funded by NSW Government


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between gender and sexuality
  • Understand the health disparities affecting LGBTQ communities.
  • Appropriately respond to an LGBTQ person affected by sexual assault.
  • Reduce barriers for LGBTQ people accessing health services.
  • Confidently and effectively engage with people from LGBTQ communities.
  • Improve access to health services by creating an inclusive environment that supports LGBTQ communities.

Audience: Health + Wellbeing Service Providers

Type of Learning: Self-directed eLearning

Duration: 150 minutes (~2.5 hours)

  • 10 min: Pre-Assessment
  • 40 min: LGBTQ Introduction eLearning
  • 90 min: LGBTQ Responding to Sexual Assault eLearning
  • 10 min: Post Assessment and Evaluation

ACON Pride Training is an RACGP Education Provider

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RACGP CPD Points: 6

This is only a registration form. We will enrol learners into the program on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Have a group of learners? Email PrideTraining@acon.org.au