Northern Sydney PHN Funded Online Training

    Sydney North Health Network is providing free and essential training for anyone looking to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in working with LGBTQ people. The training is hosted by ACON Pride Training.  There are two different webinar series; 1. Is a general package, great for anyone, while 2. Is tartgeted to workers in alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD) support services.

    1. The LGBTQ Inclusive Practice Webinar will help you improve your provision of person-centred care and elevate your clients’ overall experience. Strengthen your understanding of sexuality and gender diverse people and communities to deliver more inclusive, informed and appropriate care. 
    2. The LGBTQ Inclusive Practice for AOD Support Webinar is a training for health and community workers supporting clients with AOD use looking to strengthen their understanding of LGBTQ communities and their unique health and wellbeing challenges.

    These are blended (multi-component) trainings, delivered online. The steps are as follow:

    1. Logging into the Pride Training LMS to complete the ACON's LGBTI Awareness eLearning and assessment (~1 hour).
      • The eLearning is a pre-requisite to attend the webinar. You must complete the eLearning 24 hours prior to the scheduled part 1 webinar.
    2. You attend the 2-part webinar (5 hours in total)

    The LGBTI Awareness eLearning is an interactive eLearning delivered in three modules: Meet the Communities, Know the Facts, and Understand the Lived Experience. This eLearning takes under an hour to complete and will introduce you to the LGBTI acronym, expand your understanding of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and bodies.

    Webinars are facilitated by a qualified ACON facilitator. They will help you expand your understanding of LGBTQ people and communities through discussion with like-minded professionals, video testimonials, and collaborative learning activities.

    Requirements for the webinar: 

    • Individual access to computer/laptop with a Chrome web browser
    • High-speed internet 
    • Familiarity with general computer knowledge
    • Access to headphones/microphone (webcam is optional)
    • Your mobile phone to participate in live activities
    • Please read more about system requirements HERE. You can also join a test webinar to check out your access, HERE.


      If a session is full and you would like to be waitlisted, please email your details and your preferred session to PrideTraining@acon.org.au we will try our best to accommodate you.

      Training Schedule (2020)

      Northern Sydney PHN - LGBTQ Inclusive Practice Webinar

      Group A (Booking Closed)


      Date and Time

      eLearning completion deadline

      COB, Monday 20 July 2020

      Webinar Part 1

      Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 2PM - 4:30PM

      Webinar Part 2

      Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 2PM - 4:30PM


      Group B (Booking Closed)


      Date and Time

      eLearning completion deadline

      COB, Wednesday 12 August 2020

      Webinar Part 1

      Thursday, 13 August 2020, 9:30AM - 12PM

      Webinar Part 2

      Thursday, 20 August 2020, 9:30AM - 12PM

      Northern Sydney PHN - LGBTQ Inclusive Practice for AOD Support Webinar

      Group C (Booking Closed)


      Date and Time

      eLearning completion deadline

      COB, Tuesday, 27 October 2020

      Webinar Part 1

      Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 2PM - 4:30 PM

      Webinar Part 2

      Wednesday, 4 November, 2PM - 4:30 PM