About ACON Pride Training

ACON is Australia’s largest health organisation specialising in community health, inclusion, and HIV responses for people of diverse sexualities and genders (LGBTQ+ people). Established in 1985, our early years were defined by community coming together to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in NSW, and we remain committed to ending HIV for everyone in our communities.

Over the years, ACON has evolved and expanded its work to reflect the changing nature of the health and wellbeing needs of our communities, and of the broad range of people, experiences and identities that make up who we are here for.




Pride Training is an ACON social enterprise. We are here to improve the health and wellbeing of people from sexuality and gender diverse communities (LGBTQ+ people) by building the capacity, knowledge, and confidence of clients to deliver inclusive and affirming practices and services.

Pride Training offers:

  • In-person, webinar, and eLearning training options
  • Different levels of learning from Introductory to Masterclass
  • Activities, media and training resources developed and delivered by LGBTQ+ subject matter experts
  • A range of topics including:
    • LGBTQ+ Introduction
    • Trans & Gender Diverse Introduction
    • Trans-Affirming Practice
    • Supporting LGBTQ+ People Using Substances
    • LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practice for GPs (RACGP accredited)
    • LGBTQ+ Relationships and Abuse
    • Bespoke content based on your needs

We provide learning and development programs to assist health and community organisations in increasing their knowledge of people with diverse genders and sexualities, their communities and health priorities. 

Organisational cultural change is best achieved when there is whole organisation commitment that supports a shared vision of practice changes. Our training increases understanding of gender and sexuality diverse communities and their needs, while providing practical strategies that can be adopted to improve the experience of people with a diverse gender and/or sexuality accessing your organisation’s services. 

We recognise that having a greater understanding of inclusive practices helps to create a more welcoming environment for people with a diverse gender and/or sexuality and their communities, leading to better health outcomes. 


Our learning and development offerings use a variety of activities, media and training resources to engage with participants. Specialising in co-design with community members we aim to address the unique needs of our communities with lived experiences.

Pride Training programs are highly interactive with an emphasis on practical skills development, application to own practice, and peer-driven stories.
Our in-person, eLearning and webinar training options may include some of the following:

  • Presentation of key concepts
  • Facilitated group processes and activities
  • Quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Group discussion
  • Experiential activities/role-plays


Health & wellbeing services  ▪ Service providers ▪ Community organisations ▪ Departments ▪ Councils ▪ General Practitioners (GPs) ▪ Mental health service providers ▪ Alcohol and Drug support services ▪ Support workers ▪ Care providers ▪ Social workers ▪ Licensed providers ▪ Peer support ▪ Aged Care workers ▪ Sexual assault services ▪ Cancer Services ▪ Primary Health Networks (PHNs) ▪ Local Health Districts (LDHs) ▪ Community Services ▪ Corporate Workplaces

Pride Training is only available to people 18 years and older.