Trans & Gender Diverse Training

Trans-Affirming Workplaces (for P&C/Management)

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Trans-Affirming Workplaces (for P&C/Management)

This training will introduce you to the trans and gender diverse community and guide you on how to make your workplace a safe place for people of all genders.

Don't work in P&C or Management? Check out the general version of Trans-Affirming Workplaces.


  1. Trans 101: Introduction to trans people & communities, the business case for creating a trans-affirming workplace, terminologies, language, and pronouns
  2. Being Trans in the Workplace: Reflection of existing knowledge, assumptions, and bias on gender, sexuality, gender expression, and relationships
  3. Supporting Trans Colleagues: Building confidence and developing skills to support trans colleagues and become a trans ally in the workplace
  4. Policies and Plans for Trans Employees: Applying frameworks to protect and support trans and gender diverse employees in the workplace


        • 1 hour (approx.) 


        • People and Culture (HR) and Management teams


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