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August 2020 Newsletter

Sina Tehrani

  eNewsletter - August 2020   Free Training Leading up to Wear it Purple Day! On Tuesday 25 August 2020, ACON Pride Training is providing a one-hour Introduction to LGBTQ Communities and People Training from 1:30PM to 2:30PM. This is our way of honouring this year's Wear it Purple day. This is an introduction to strengthen your understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) people. This session is free for health and wellbeing workers across Australia. Register Here Wear it Purple day is on Friday 28 August 2020. It's a day to recognise younger rainbow communities and proudly support them...

Expression of Interest - Voice Over Artists

Davi Martinelli

July 2020 Newsletter

Joe Lonn

  eNewsletter - July 2020   International Non-Binary People’s Day July 14th is International Non-Binary People's Day! Join the celebration by downloading free social media and print designs. Non-binary people have been around in all societies for a very long time. Someone with a gender identity other than man or woman might identify as non-binary. There is a diverse range of non-binary gender identities including bigender, gender fluid and genderqueer. Check Out Our Toolkits Sport has a historic alignment to the gender binary (male and female), however, this doesn’t mean those who identify as Non-Binary should be excluded from participating...

June 2020 Newsletter

Joe Lonn

  eNewsletter - June 2020   Pride Training Discount Feast is ON! You have until the end of June 2020 to gobble up the 20% savings on training for yourself and your team! This delicious 20% discount applies on live event training (in-person and webinar) scheduled between October 2020 & March 2021. eLearning discounts are immediate and that includes SCORM packages. Are you purchasing a seat online? Discounts are applied at the checkout. This also applies to our pronoun badges! We will be shipping out orders of badges on Tuesdays throughout June. Visit Our Website If you need to book...

April 2020 Newsletter

Davi Martinelli

eNewsletter - April 2020   NEW eLEARNING: Asking Questions on Gender and Sexuality! ACON Pride Training has released a new eLearning module on Asking Questions on Gender and Sexuality. This eLearning is for professionals looking to strengthen their understanding of how and why you should be asking questions on gender and sexuality. This eLearning introduces you to indicators used for social and health data, then looks at the effects of asking these questions for these communities, service providers, and data. This eLearning finished by explaining the recommended questions to ask, along with some useful tips and resources. ENROL HERE! SAVE...