Asking Questions on Gender and Sexuality eLearning

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Asking Questions on Gender and Sexuality eLearning

Asking Questions on Gender & Sexuality eLearning is for anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of how and why you should be asking questions on gender and sexuality. This eLearning introduces you to indicators used for social and health data, then looks at the effects of asking these questions for these communities, service providers, and data.

Within the program, you are able to listen to and learn from experiences from community members, providers and researchers. This eLearning finishes by explaining the recommended questions to ask, along with some useful tips and resources.

This eLearning has been recently updated to include the new Australian Bureau of Statistics standards to data collection. It takes under an hour to complete and through updated videos and content, will prepare you for taking steps within your organisation towards becoming more comfortable with asking the right questions regarding Gender and Sexuality and increasing the comfort and retention of clients with a diverse gender and sexuality.


  • Introduction to indicators
  • Effects for people with a diverse gender and sexuality
  • Effects for service providers
  • Effects for data
  • ACON’s recommended indicators
  • Useful tips

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand what indicators are
  • Describe the experiences of people that don't fit into current indicator models
  • Realise the impacts of not asking or incorrectly asking questions on gender and sexuality
  • Learn ACON's Recommended Gender and Sexuality Indicators


  • LGBTQ Introduction eLearning

It is highly recommended to take our LGBTQ Introduction eLearning first. It will provide a strong foundation of language and knowledge around the communities. Purchase together and you receive 20% off both eLearnings.


  • Around 1 hour


  • Health & wellbeing service providers and researchers.


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