LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practice for SDFV Services Webinar

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LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practice for SDFV Services Webinar

Expand your accessibility to clients by providing a safe, and inclusive space that promotes and delivers exceptional person-centered care. 

Starts with a review of LGBTQ+ Introduction and has the added benefit of supporting teams to apply inclusive practice principles to their own workplace. Through understanding the everyday lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people, professionals can better relate with clients, meaningfully engage them and help their clients overcome barriers to accessing services.

All training will integrate the latest research in the area of domestic and family violence (DFV) and sexual assault in LGBTQ+ relationships. It will help promote a better understanding of the needs of the LGBTQ+ people and provide staff with more confidence to deliver an inclusive, best practice service. This webinar is an engaging way to increase your knowledge and confidence in working with LGBTQ+ people and provide direction on how to be a better ally and provide more inclusive service

*The price of the webinar includes access to our LGBTQ+ Introduction eLearning as well as a seat for our Webinar.


    • The difference between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. 
    • Understanding the lived experiences of people with a diverse gender and sexuality. 
    • Several health impacts caused by social stigma, assumptions, and bias
    • Understanding different types of relationships and family structures in LGBTQ+ communities
    • Intimate partner violence, family violence, and sexual assault prevalence
    • Significant legislative actions and defining moments in queer history
    • How discrimination, minority stress, and shame impact relationships and help-seeking
    • Useful tips to help you become a stronger ally for people with a diverse gender and sexuality 
    • Best practices to ensure inclusivity in your service
    • How to identify areas of practice in your services or organisation that may require review
    • Mechanisms to help you implement inclusive practice into day-to-day client interactions
    • Independent and co-dependent methods to drive organisational change—and why it’s essential
    • Other tips to help you elevate inclusive services across your organisation.

    Learning Outcomes: 

    • Differentiate between gender and sexuality
    • Summarise unique health and wellbeing disparities faced by sexuality and gender diverse people 
    • Outline the prevalence and patterns of domestic violence for LGBTQ+ people
    • Review important events from queer history and the current legislation related to these priority populations 
    • Reflect on the nature of violence in LGBTQ+ relationships including the roles that gender and sexuality play in characterising DFV and the extent to which gender-based interventions are required for LGBTQ+ survivors and perpetrators.
    • Detect areas for improvement within their role and workplace 
    • Develop strategies and implement actions to increase access and satisfaction of service for people with diverse sexuality and gender 


      1. You complete LGBTQ+ Introduction eLearning. (~1 hour) 
      2. You attend 2 webinars at the same time of the day, one week away from one another for 3 hours (6 hours in total), or attend one full day webinar


        • Around 7 hours; 1 hour eLearning and 6 hours via webinar 


        • Professionals working with clients experiencing domestic and family violence

          Requirements for the webinar: 

          • Individual access to computer/laptop with a Chrome web browser
          • Ability to access the ZOOM platform
          • High-speed internet 
          • Familiarity with general computer knowledge
          • Access to headphones/microphone (webcam is optional)
          • Your mobile phone to participate in live activities
          • Please read more about system requirements HERE. You can also join a test webinar to check out your access, HERE.

            Private sessions

            • For up to 30 people 
            • Cost does not include GST. 
            • Volume discount applies for purchasing more than 4 sessions. 


            Invoices can be arranged, please email PrideTraining@acon.org.au for more information.

            Please make sure to read the cancellation/refund policy available below.

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