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LGBTQ Inclusive Practice In-Person Training

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LGBTQ Inclusive Practice In-Person Training

Expand your accessibility to clients by providing a safe, and inclusive space that promotes and delivers exceptional person-centred care. 

Clients with diverse genders and/or sexualities come from all cultures and walks of life. Their lived experiences and potential differences in gender and/or sexualities, as compared to the broad population, may require unique approaches in how you communicate and care plan for the future. 

Improve your provision of person-centred care and elevate your clients’ overall experience with a full-day workshop. Guided by a qualified ACON facilitator, this training will help you expand your understanding of people with a diverse gender and/or sexuality and their respective communities through discussion with like-minded professionals, video testimonials, and engaging in learning activities. 


Learning Outcomes:  

  • Differentiate between gender and sexuality 
  • Summarise unique health and wellbeing disparities faced by sexuality and gender diverse people 
  • Review important events from LGBTQ history and the current legislation related to these priority populations 
  • Detect areas for improvement within their role and workplace 
  • Develop strategies and implement actions to increase access and satisfaction of service for people with diverse sexuality and gender 



  • The difference between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. 
  • The lived experiences of people with a diverse gender and/or sexuality.  
  • Several health impacts caused by social stigma, assumptions, and bias. 
  • Significant legislative actions and defining moments in queer history. 
  • Useful tips to help you become a stronger ally for people with a diverse gender and/or sexuality. 
  • Best practices to ensure LGBTQ inclusion in your service. 
  • How to identify areas of practice in your services or organisation that may require review. 
  • Mechanisms to help you implement inclusive practice into day-to-day client interactions. 
  • Independent and co-dependent methods to drive organisational change—and why it’s essential. 
  • Other tips to help you elevate inclusive services across your organisation. 




  • 7.5 hours 


  • Any health and wellbeing service provider 


    Public Training Schedule (2020)



    Training venue

    Seats remaining

    Sydney - Surry Hills


    ACON - 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Postponed

    Public sessions:

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    Private sessions

    • For up to 25 people 
    • Cost does not include travel outside of Sydney metro, catering, venue, or GST. 
    • Volume discount applies for purchasing more than 4 sessions. 


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